‘RAW’ Will Send You to the ER


So, apparently there’s been a spat of people that have been sent to the hospital from adverse reactions to the new indie cannibal flick ‘Raw.’ Now, we’ve all seen marketing ploys like this before. Distribution companies would supply theater chains with barf bags to hand out at the door to wary theater goers as they entered the auditorium in the 70’s. I mean hell, in the 50’s and 60’s you’d think from the advertisements that 90% of horror films carried with them the distinct possibility of death as a side effect of viewing.

In this day and age we’re a little less gullible about such things (thanks a lot science), and while most might view this as a good thing I, for one, mourn the loss of the deranged bit of fun walking into a theater with the trepidation of what you’re about to see inducing a physical, chemical reaction.

My best friends Dad once recounted to me the experience of going to see Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ and seeing someone run out of the theater vomiting. As sick as it may be that’s the kind of movie going experience I long for. So for me, this kind of thing is really exciting. There are probably varying degrees of truth to the reports, but the possibility intrigues me.

The article also does a really good job of explaining the physiological reactions we have as humans to certain images.

Check out the article for sure. Check out the movie at your own risk. I’m totally seeing it though.

Happy Halloween!


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