deadCENTER Screenwriting Workshop!

Writing is often thought of as solitary affair. It’s all about a person, in a room, often dimly lit, alone with their thoughts and neuroses, willing a story into creation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! That’s what OkHoWL is all about. It’s about writers using their abilities and talents to help and encourage other writers, and hopefully get some help and encouragement of their own.

OkHoWL isn’t unique in this regard though, and from time to time we’ll post about other writing related events happening in around the OKC metro, or at least not too far off.

Anyway, on November 19th, from 9:00AM to 12:00PM, the deadCENTER Film Institute, parent organization of deadCENTER Film Festival, is putting on a free screenwriting seminar. All the details can for it the event can be found HERE.

Even if you’re not a screenwriter this event is sure to be a treat. The folks at deadCENTER have worked for years to promote the art of film in the state of Oklahoma, and they put on some great events. Their namesake film festival is a must see,  and each year they usually host an entire program of horror short-films. Past fests have also played host to films by yours truly and OkHoWL founder Levi Lee, so you know that this is an organization with an eye for talent.

If you’re free on the morning of November 19th and want to dip your toe into a kind of writing you may not know much about, come on out. I’ll be there, and afterward you can join us at the Southwest OKC Library for our next OkHoWL meeting. It’ll be a day of writing, talking about horror movies and books, and sharing weird anecdotes. What more could you ask for?


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