Hi from Brittany

Hi all,

Levi was lovely enough to ask me to join and post on the blog, so this is my attempt at introducing myself.

I can relate to the struggle. I have a couple of novels locked in my head, and sometimes I wake up and furiously type out ideas for an hour, and then leave it for a few months. It makes me feel like I’m putting off something really important, but I’m still (cough) young. I’ve got time to write The Great American Fantasy Novel, right?

Sadly, there’s no possible way my novel will be good if I haven’t written so much as a short story since college. As the Venerated One says:


I’ve got the reading part down, but’s an extraordinarily hard thing to write. It takes incredible discipline and insane amounts of time. Most of us aren’t hardcore enough to type away for hours after work every night like Saint Stephen did back in the day. We can do as much as we can, though, and even if we only take baby steps, if we keep at it eventually we’ll start making some great stuff. So I like the idea of a bunch of Ygors shoving torches in each other’s faces.

Although I’m probably going to need an Annie Wilkes.


Having said all that, I’m not here to work on my future bestseller about a merman king who looks like Giancarlo Esposito. I’m actually a freelance editor. So I’ll be supporting you guys and sharing some of what I’ve learned working with authors and small publishers.

I am definitely not some kind of an expert on writing. (Anyone who says they are is probably trying to sell something.) I’m not an expert on publishing, either. I’ve only been doing this for a few years, and my experience is not all that extensive yet. So far I’ve worked on around two dozen published books, four of them novels. But I can provide a different perspective and share some tips and resources. Surviving as an editor means constant continuing education, and everything I’m learning is just as useful to a writer. I’ll be posting about things that will make someone stop reading and how to avoid doing them. (What makes people keep reading is a little trickier, but I’ll try to write about that, too.) I’d like to work in some of the specific challenges of the horror genre. I’ll need help from you to pinpoint what those are.

If you have any topics you’d like my thoughts on, give me a shout. I’ll also be at the meetings to bribe you with snacks, in the hopes that when the time comes to find an editor for your awesome manuscript you’ll come to me first.

When an editor and a writer collaborate to take something good and turn it into something even better, both come away knowing more than before and feeling a little bit more prepared for the next time around. I think this group will be a lot like that process. I’ll learn a lot from being able to see your individual writing methods and what roadblocks you run into, and hopefully I’ll be able to help you out a bit as well. If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to get out of the house. (Seriously. I’m in front of this screen like 10 hours a day.)



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